North Texas Flu Cases Spike Ahead of Thanksgiving

Health officials in North Texas are warning about a spike in flu cases in adults and children ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to Medical City Arlington officials, flu is up in Southeast Tarrant County.

Medical City Arlington and Medical City Arlington ER Grand Prairie reports almost 200 cases last week.

"We've seen a large amount of positive cases, which is a little bit unexpected, just in the last week or so," said Dr. Trent Boyko, an emergency physician.

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(Published Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018)

The Dallas County Health Department reports 112 cases last week.

Cook Children's reports 23 children were diagnosed with the flu last week.

"That's the most patients we've seen since a really bad 2014. In comparison, we did not see a single case of the flu during the month of November in 2015 and 2016," the hospital stated in an alert.

"It's here, and it's just a matter of time before we get inundated with flu everywhere," Boyko said.

He said none of the people he's treated for flu had received this year's flu shot, which tells him this season's shot may be working like its supposed to.

Doctors suggest getting your shot as soon as possible, but the flu shot takes two weeks before it can protect you from the virus.

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So while you're traveling through busy airports, or spending time with loved ones Thanksgiving Day, Boyko says good hand hygiene will be key to a flu-free holiday.

He expects flu cases to increase when children return to school next week.