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Trophy Club Residents Help Burn Victim

Trophy Club residents rally around Elizabeth Champion



    A North Texas girl is recovering after a tragic accident burned nearly half of her body. Residents in Trophy Club have rallied around Elizabeth Champion with moral and financial support and hosting a benefit this weekend for the family.

    "I look back at my life before the accident, and I want it back so bad, like, I wish I could just take all this away," Elizabeth Champion said.

    The 21-year-old is recovering from second and third degree burns, covering more than 40-percent of her body. The scars remind her of the night in November when her friend poured lighter fluid on a wood stove.

    "This huge ball of fire came just right at me," Elizabeth said. "I kept on thinking, 'I can not believe this happened to me.'"

    21-Year-Old Burn Victim Continues to Recover

    [DFW] 21-Year-Old Burn Victim Continues to Recover
    It's been a long road to recovery for 21-year-old Elizabeth Champion after she was burned over more than 40 percent of her body, but she has gotten support from family, friends and fellow Trophy Club residents.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 3, 2012)

    "It's the call that we don't want to receive in the middle of the night, and especially having to do with your children," Elizabeth's mom Sandra Champion said.

    Sandra said her daughter may be scarred, but isn't broken. She had to re-learn basic skills like writing, and now, her spirit is stronger than ever.

    "It makes me so proud of her to see that she is a 21-year-old, beautiful girl, and it is no longer about the looks. It is about the life," Sandra said.

    Elizabeth remains positive but understands there's a long way to go.

    "Oh my gosh, the pain that I've had, I can not even describe it," Elizabeth said. "The hardest part is accepting myself now. I still look at myself now, and I start crying just because it is so hard to look at my body and my neck."

    So much has changed, but Elizabeth's smile and laugh remain the same. She said it's her faith and support from others that keep these precious things intact.

    A group of Trophy Club residents are hosting a pancake breakfast and silent auction Saturday to raise money for the Champion family. It will take place at Byron Nelson High School from 8-11am.