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Necessity Not Vanity



    Necessity Not Vanity
    Some cosmetic procedures like Thermage are gaining popularity.

    Vanity has been replaced by necessity for a lot of people getting cosmetic procedures.

    In the past, people who would pay to go from before to after just wanted to feel better about themselves, but the options have grown and the prices have shrunk, and vanity is no longer the primary motivation for getting work done.

    "It sure boosts your self-confidence and we know that helps a lot when looking for a job or even maintaining your job, " said Melanie Schriener, Thermage patient.

    Schriener has "grid face" because she's getting a new, pain free, more effective version of a procedure that has been around for a bit which is  called Thermage.

    Necessity Not Vanity?

    [DFW] Necessity Not Vanity?
    Some cosmetic procedures like Thermage, are even more affordable than ever before and less invasive.
    (Published Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009)

    The procedure heats and breaks down collagen under the skin, forcing it to reform and that ends up tightening the skin.

    "I'm a flight attendant, and so I face the public daily," said Schriener. "I'm also a wife, mother, and grandmother, so how I look is very important."

    A full 30 percent of the clientele at Dr. Bill Johnson's Innovations Med Spa  are men, looking for a workplace advantage.

    "It's really much more about looking young, vital and able to do a job than it is about vanity," said Dr. Johnson.

    Face-lifts are more commonly being replaced by less invasive procedures like Thermage.

    "In the last  3 years we have cut our prices by about a third on Thermage," said Dr.  Johnson.

    Which means Schriener's Thermage will come in at less than 2 thousand dollars.

    The before and after show younger looking, tighter skin without the sometime identity altering effects of a face lift.
    And now, you can take your younger looking self back to work the next day.