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Mosquito Concern Means Business for Pest Control Companies

Mosquito control businesses experience increase in calls this season



    Fear of the West Nile Virus has mosquito control companies working overtime to battle the pesky pests. (Published Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012)

    Denton County has confirmed three human cases of West Nile virus this season, and heightened awareness of mosquitoes is boosting business for pest control companies.

    "We are certainly welcoming all of the calls that we've gotten," said Paul Sandefer, who owns Mosquito Squad of Southern Denton County. "West Nile disease has invaded Denton County."

    Sandefer and his business partner, Gary Barnard, said families in the county are on high alert.

    The city of Denton elevated its mosquito risk level to Level 5, the highest possible level, this week.

    "The last two weeks have been our busiest two weeks as far as gaining customers," Sandefer said.

    The mosquito control experts said spraying yards is just one method to keep the insects away.

    "As you walk around any typical backyard, you are going to find mulch, you are going to find play areas," Barnard said. "I've got a truck that has standing water in it. If you would do nothing more than dump the water, you've already done some mosquito control."

    The city of Denton will begin spraying for mosquitoes this week. It will target locations in the city where mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile virus.

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