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Hundreds Welcome 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient Home

Girl coming home after two major surgeries



    Hundreds of classmates at a Frisco elementary school welcomed home a 6-year-old Frisco girl fighting cancer.

    Libby Serber rode atop a firetruck to greet her classmates at Isbell Elementary. She and her family were nearly shocked speechless when they heard the cheers of "L-I-B-B-Y."

    "We knew there would be a few people, but we never expected there would be this many people," said her father, Jeff Serber.

    Libby stopped going to school after she was diagnosed with Wilms' tumor, a form of cancer that affects the kidneys in children. Since her diagnosis, Libby has undergone two surgeries -- the removal of a 3-pound tumor from one of her kidneys and open-heart surgery.

    Frisco Girl Battles Cancer

    [DFW] Frisco Girl Battles Cancer
    6-year-old Libby Serber's classmates welcome her back home from the hospital where she's been fighting cancer.
    (Published Tuesday, April 10, 2012)

    Family friend Shari Lofgren said she and others quickly mobilized to welcome the family back to Frisco after she heard on Monday night that Libby was set to come home from the hospital.

    "We wanted to tell them that we love them and that we're all here for them," she said.

    The idea quickly took off. By 10 a.m. Tuesday, hundreds of people from school staff and students, to other friends and well-wishers, were lining the streets in front of the school.

    "To experience this kind of support is absolutely overwhelming," said Cara Serber, Libby's mother. "I've never experienced anything like it."

    Libby is scheduled to begin radiation and chemotherapy this week. Her parents said she most likely would not return to school this year and would focus on treatment instead.

    She and her parents said Tuesday's show of support would give them some much-needed ammunition as they bear down in their battle against cancer.

    "I think this is a day we'll never, ever forget," said Cara Serber, as her daughter nodded on.

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