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Hospital Precautions for Treating Contagious Diseases



    Carrollton Hospital Isolates Measles Patients to Contain Spread

    Baylor Carrollton takes precautions when contagious diseases are near. The hospital quarantines patients to stop the spread. (Published Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013)

    Measles is one of the most contagious diseases around. Treating the virus in a hospital can be tricky. That's why most hospitals have a negative pressure room.

    Like most isolation rooms, the negative pressure room at Baylor Carrollton was designed to keep patients inside and outside the room safe from contamination.

    Dr. Sam Eljammal at Baylor Carrollton said the room has its own ventilation system with an exhaust system outside of the hospital. The external exhaust keeps contaminated air from circulating in the hospital.

    The doors in the room also connect to the ceiling to slow the flow of air, which can slow the spread of the airborne disease.

    Doctors must also take precautions.

    Eljammal said doctors have to wear a bib, rubber gloves and a special breathing mask when going into the room.

    Doctors also have to use disposable stethoscopes and thermometers in the room. Once they're used on the patient, the tools are thrown away to avoid contamination.

    Eljammal said the room is tested and cleaned daily to ensure safety.