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Hines Nut Company Recalls In-Shell Peanuts

The company has not received any illness complaints



    Hines Nut Company Recalls In-Shell Peanuts

    The company has not received any illness complaints but is recalling 2 million pounds of in-shell peanuts. (Published Monday, Oct. 15, 2012)

    The salmonella scare that wiped thousands of jars of peanut butter off the shelf, now stretches to a family-owned company in North Texas. Hines Nut Company in the heart of Dallas is recalling thousands of bags of peanuts. A spokesperson for the Dallas-based company, Deborah Boultinghouse, stressed that no one has gotten sick from their peanuts and that this is merely a precaution.

    According to a release sent to NBCDFW by the company, the recalled peanuts were processed in the Sunland, Inc. peanut processing plant and may be contaminated with Salmonella.

    The recall affects nearly 2 million pounds of in-shell peanuts, produced by Hines. The peanuts come in several different packages and sizes. The most common packaging is a red and blue bag that reads “Hines Salted Jumbo Virgina Peanuts.”

    The peanuts are also sold as "Clover Valley Salted Peanuts" at Dollar General stores. Boultinghouse said they send their peanuts to the Sunland plant in New Mexico to be salted, but it’s done in a different warehouse than where the peanut butter is made. Sunland is the processing plant at the center of the salmonella outbreak that has sickened 35 people.

    Hines sells their in-shell peanuts to Dollar General, Walmart and H-E-B stores, among others. Customers can return the peanuts to the store where they were purchased for a full refund.

    The packing information begins with the words ‘BEST BUY’. The recall lot numbers are as follows, located on the fourth line of the ‘BEST BUY’ statement:
    S03718, S03699, S03724, S03753, S03765, S03784, S03798, S03806, S03810, S03824, S03826, S03840, S03863, S03886, S03907, S03928, S03933, S03938, S03950, S03958, S03967, S03972, S03978, S03989, S03991, S04012, S04025, S04042, S04054, S04066, S04097, S04109, S04123, S04134, S04141, S04141, S04165, S04200, S04201, S04211, S04229, S04236, and S04247.

    Hines says to date, the company has not received any complaints concerning illness but is asking consumers who have any of the recalled products to return them to where they were purchased fora refund or throw them away immediately.

    Consumers can contact the Company at 1 800-561-6374 for information regarding this recall. This toll-free number is operational 24 hours a day.

    Sunland's recall includes 101 products, and several retailers have issued additional recalls including items made with Sunland ingredients.