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Healthier Meals On The Menu For DISD

DISD sets the bar high for student health



    Healthier Meals On The Menu For DISD
    Things are getting healthier in the DISD.

    When kids in Dallas return to school, they'll notice big changes on the school lunch menu. The district said it’s setting the bar high when it comes to student health.

    "We’re reducing the amount of sugared cereals. Oatmeal every day, fresh fruits every day. For lunch the same thing, we're not serving pizza and hamburgers as often," said Dora Rivas, the director of childhood nutrition at DISD .

    The district has also added healthy choices like hummus and multigrain pasta to the menu. Rivas said childhood obesity is a real issue in Dallas; so the district wants to be proactive in helping parents battle it.

    "We’re wanting the parents to understand what their children are getting at the school cafeteria. We want to assure them that we're just as concerned as they are about making sure that the food is good for them and healthy," Rivas said.

    DISD Lunch Menus Take on New Look

    [DFW] DISD Lunch Menus Take on New Look
    The Dallas Independent School District starts the 2010-2011 school year with new color coded breakfast and lunch menus.
    (Published Monday, Aug. 23, 2010)

    The district is implementing the "Go, Slow, Whoa" program. It teaches the kids what's good to eat every day, and what should be enjoyed on occasion.

    They've worked on the menu all summer and they're hopeful the response will be positive.

    "We are excited and we're hoping the students will be excited as well because we depend on their participation and we want them to enjoy their meal," Rivas said.

    Parents in DISD. will also get a flyer in the mail detailing the new program.