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Collin County Sees H1N1 Vaccine Shortage



    Collin County Sees H1N1 Vaccine Shortage
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    Some parents hoping to protect their children from H1N1, or swine flu, are frustrated over a lack in the vaccine in Collin County.

    "So far, there have been 27,000 doses or allotments that have gone out to the providers in Collin County," said Dr. Peggy Wittie, epidemiologist for Collin County. "Ninety-two percent are going to the doctors."

    Oxala Masley has been trying to get her asthmatic twin boys, 5-year-old Jonathon and Steven doses of the H1N1 vaccine.

    The boys need 3 to 5 breathing treatments everyday and have come down with pneumonia twice before, Masley said.
    She said one of the twins caught a mild case of the swine flu weeks ago.

    Collin County Sees H1N1 Vaccine Shortage

    [DFW] Collin County Sees H1N1 Vaccine Shortage
    Some Collin County parents say they are worried about the absence of H1N1 vaccine.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 2, 2009)

    "The same doctor that diagnosed one of them with swine said to please vaccinate the other one as soon as possible," Masley said.

    She happily would have vaccinated the twins, if only she could find the vaccine.

    Masley called several doctors looking for the vaccine, only to be told they had already run out of their initial shipment.

    The Collin County Health Department ordered 41,000 doses but received only 500, all of which went to local hospital workers.

    All Masley said she can do now is try to protect her children as best she can. She said she is diligent with their breathing treatments and sends the children to the doctor at the first sign of illness.

    "We have skipped birthday parties, just community parties, because we were told not to mingle with big groups because there are more chances to catch something," said Masley.

    Local doctors and the Collin County Health Department are still awaiting more H1N1 vaccine shipments.

    Collin County health officials are telling the public to dial 211 for information on private providers who may still have doses of the vaccine.