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Former Army Nurse Named Best School Nurse in Texas

Wolford Elementary nurse is known around the district for healing



    Best School Nurse in Texas

    Nurse Kathy Johnson cares for kids at Wolford Elementary and she was first named the best nurse in all of McKinney's schools, then the region and more recently the single best in the state. (Published Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012)

    The school nurse at Wolford Elementary has been named the state's best school nurse.

    Kathy Johnson, a nurse at the McKinney Independent School District for seven years, has worked at Wolford Elementary for six years.

    This year, she was named the best nurse in all of McKinney's schools and then the best in the region. Most recently, she was named the single best nurse in Texas.

    "I'm still trying to wrap my head around it," Johnson said.

    A school is a much different place to work for a woman who spent six years as an Army nurse.

    "I was stationed in Korea and I was at Walter Reed at the VIP suite," said Johnson, who loves her new battlefield. "Yes, it's funny."

    From scrapes to helping soothe someone through a chronic illness, Johnson loves helping children through situations that sometimes includes their creativity.

    "Ears and noses tend to get some odd things in them," she said.

    She said the most unusual things she has seen include Play-Doh, beads and rocks.

    Her favorite part of her job is being able to create lasting relationships with students and their families, Johnson said. She works with families for six years, from kindergarten through fifth-grade.

    She said she aims to keep those who come through her door healthy so they can return to the classroom and find success.

    "It's a feel-great job," she said. "It's not a feel-good job, it's a feel-great job."