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Denton Man Surrenders Pet After Rabies Warning

Kitten on same block confirmed case of rabies



    Denton animal control officials have issued a rabies alert because a household pet tested positive for the deadly disease.

    Police left notes at homes on Azalea Street that warned homeowners that a kitten on the block had rabies.

    Robert Limas, who also lives on Azalea Street, called Denton Animal Services after his cat was attacked in his backyard.

    "We didn't want to take any chances, so we reported it and let the animal control take our house cat," Limas said.

    Rabies Alert in Denton

    [DFW] Rabies Alert in Denton
    Robert Limas surrendered his cat for fear it may have rabies, and other residents on Azalea Street have been warned to be on the look out after a confirmed case of rabies in a kitten.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012)

    He said he suspects his cat has rabies.

    "We saw hair in our backyard, like there was a struggle or a fight. ... We tried to see what was wrong, and she acted weird, like it wasn't our cat," Limas said.

    Grelle said other animals could be at risk. The kitten that tested positive for rabies was a house cat that roamed outside, he said.

    "It was able to roam the yard and the neighborhood," he said. "We don't known where it came up positive for rabies. It could have been a raccoon, another feral cat. We don't know at this time."

    Limas' cat has not been tested for rabies. The animal has to be euthanized, sent to the state and then test positive for rabies before it could be considered a confirmed case.

    He said giving up his cat was an emotional decision but was the right thing to do for his family and neighbors.

    "Once they know that our cat is going to be taken away, they are going to miss her a lot," he said. "I am going to miss her a lot myself, because we have been attached to her for nine years."

    Grelle said rabies is a serious situation. Denton officials said it's important that pets be up-to-date on their rabies shots.

    People who think they have come into contact with the confirmed rabies case should be tested.