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Dallas Cracking Down on Tires Left Outside



    Dallas Cracking Down on Tires Left Outside
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    The Dallas Marshal's Office inspected tire shops and looked for illegally dumped tires on Wednesday to reduce possible mosquito breeding grounds.

    Dumped tires can hold rainwater that can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

    "Due to the West Nile outbreak and problems with standing water and dumped tires, we are devoting more time to this specific problem," Deputy Chief Paul Hansen said.

    Officials checked several shops for the proper documentation and permits. Their main concern was looking for tires that were left out in the open.

    Marshals on Standing Water Patrol

    [DFW] Marshals on Standing Water Patrol
    Dallas County sent Marshals out to check on tire shops to look for pools of standing water where West Nile virus infected mosquitoes might breed.
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012)

    One tire shop stored tires outside, which is a violation of the scrap-tire ordinance, Hansen said.

    Hansen said his office usually gives citations each day until the problem is fixed. Citations start at $500.

    "We find in some of these inspections, the people who are selling tires, generating scrap tires, are not following the rules, and we have to kind of gather from that that these dumped tires are coming from these tire shops," he said.

    Hansen said that anyone who sees dumped tires should call 311.

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