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Concussion Study Results Revealed

Researchers have new findings after 1 year Concussion Study



    Concussion Study Results Revealed
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    Ryan Zomboni is one of thousands of student athletes taking part in a concussion study at the University of Texas at Arlington.

    15 year old Ryan Zamboni is one of 2000 middle and high school student athletes participating in the concussion study at the University of Texas at Arlington. Just a few months ago, the active teen and Varsity football player suffered from his first concussion,

    "I remember being dizzy not much of the actual incident but the before and after, but not anything in between , and ya know, being very dizzy and walking off the field, " said Zamboni.

    Dr Jacob Resch from UT Arlington said since the study began last year more people have become aware about the dangers of concussions.

    "I believe that atmosphere is starting to shift, where beforehand I think it was really  hard to break that stigma of what that injury actually was," said Dr. Resch.

    Partnering with Texas Health Resources and UT Southwestern, students from Pantego Christian Academy and DeSoto ISD were put through a series of physical and mental tests.  The students who suffered the concussions took the same tests again.  Results were compared to judge any effect on the brain.

    Dr. Resch said the study raises awareness of concussions among trainers and students.

    On March 9 and 10, UTA will bring together experts from across the U.S. for its first Concussion Summit. More information is available here.