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Companies Crack Down on Sick Day Abuse



    The next time you plan on calling in sick to work when you're not, beware. 

    Private investigators warn, more and more companies are hiring investigators to follow workers who call in sick too often. 

    "You just never know who's watching and when they are watching," said  private investigator Brad Smith. 

    Smith spends many of his days as a sick day bounty hunter. His goal, to capture the activity on camera.

    Companies Crack Down on Sick Day Abuse

    [DFW] Companies Crack Down on Sick Day Abuse
    If you've ever been tempted to play hooky from work, beware some companies are hiring private detectives to crack down on sick day abuse and track down absent employees.
    (Published Monday, Feb. 7, 2011)

    "I've seen people playing golf or tennis, even working another job," said Smith.
    "I think its ridiculous," said one worker who asked not to be identified. He called it an invasion of privacy for companies to follow him around.

    Smith said his sick day investigations are a result of a struggling economy.  "Companies can't afford to lose any kind of productivity from their workforce," said Smith. 

    Smith said it's important to remember that calling in sick when you're not, "is literally theft of time."