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Arlington Teen Struggling With West Nile Virus

14-year-old girl struggles with health and money six months after WNV diagnosis



    Between doctor s visits and poor health, Jordan Conner can only attend school about one day a week. (Published Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012)

    Six month after she was bitten by the West Nile Virus at her home in Arlington, 14-year-old Jordan Conner is still battling the often fatal virus.

    “If I don’t stretch my legs are like cramped up real bad," said Conner, a sophomore at Lamar High School. "And I have bad memory and sometimes I feel like I’ll have to throw up."

    Between doctor’s visits and poor health, Jordan can only attend school about one day a week.

    “It feels bad getting behind and having a lot of zeros for missing grades” said Conner.

    Now the family is facing another crisis.

    “I’m out of answers, I’m out of options, I’m out of help”, said Jordan’s mother, Ebonie Conner .

    Unable to work since summer to take care of her daughter, Conner is beside herself as the bills and the challenges continue to mount.

    The family is “about to lose everything” said Conner, who doesn’t have money  to pay this month’s rent, and fears the family may be homeless by Christmas.

    But that’s not her biggest worry.

    “I believe in God, I trust God, I know God’s got it," Ebonie Conner said. "But I’m a mom and I wonder is this my last Christmas with Jordan you know I did research on other kids and … I try not to think like that."

    Jordan expects to get better, and has a simple goal once she’s back on her feet.

    “I want to run in a field” Jordan said. "And have a water balloon fight with some people”.

    Chase bank is accepting donations for the family at  “The Conner Family Trust Fund” or at or any Woodhaven bank locationsThe teen also has a Facebook fan page where she can be reached by those who want to help.

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