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State Mandate Helps Parents in Fight Against Autism



    State Mandate Helps Parents in Fight Against Autism
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    A center in Irving offers treatment for autism without breaking parents' bank accounts.

    The parents of autistic children are able to get their children the help they need at a treatment center in Irving without breaking the bank.

    Treatment for autistic children often isn't covered by insurance. Behavioral Innovations has changed that by becoming the first center of its kind in North Texas to get in-network support by a number of insurance companies.

    "The mandate in the Texas Legislature has really helped that and mandated what insurance companies have to cover as far as kids with autism," said the center's Jessica Strope.

    The parents of Adam Kaufman can finally use insurance to supplement the cost of the rigorous and intense treatment program by up to 80 percent.

    "To say it was a huge relief is an understatement," said Mary Kaufman, Adam's mother. "It meant we didn't have to file for bankruptcy."

    Before they came to Behavioral Innovations, Adam's parents flew from state to state, trying different rehabilitation centers that could help their son. Adam was struggling to make any progress, and in the meantime, the Kaufman's were quickly falling deeper and deeper into debt.

    "We're in debt about $200,000 right now," Kaufman said. "None of it was covered by insurance."

    "It's a much shorter process if parents know they can come in, that they can get the help they need and get the intensive treatment, and not worry about having to choose between paying mortgage and paying for their child's treatment," Kaufman said.

    Watching Adam, now deep into treatment and improving more and more each day, makes Mary's struggles worth it.

    "We didn't think he would ever talk, let alone talk to us and have meaningful conversations again," she said.

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