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6-Year-Old Boy Died of Flu-Related Illness in November



    6-year-old Adam Lucero died in November, Dallas County Health Department says his is the first pediatric flu death of the season. (Published Friday, Jan. 11, 2013)

    At least four people, including two children, have died of flu-related illnesses in Dallas County, including a 6-year-old boy who died in November.

    Adult flu-related deaths do not have to be reported to the health department, but pediatric flu-related deaths must be reported.

    The Dallas County Health Department confirmed Thursday that a 6-year-old girl had died of a flu-related illness earlier this week.

    Six-year-old Adam Lucero died on Nov. 30. His mother, Maria Garcia, is warning about how serious the flu can be.

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    "It's always like, 'If Adam were here, he would've loved this. If Adam were here, he would have said this.' We all miss him," she said.

    Garcia, said her son complained of flu-like symptoms and leg pains on Nov. 29. She said they waited for hours at Children's Medical Center of Dallas but did not get much help.

    "Basically, it was just, 'Sit down. Wait. It's the flu; we are busy," she said.

    Garcia said she was given a Tamiflu prescription but was told it would not help much. She said she planned to fill it that next morning after his doctor's appointment.

    Her son collapsed at his appointment and was pronounced dead at Children's Medical Center on Nov. 30.

    Children's Medical Center said privacy reasons prevent it from commenting on specific cases.

    "Our hearts go out to every parent who has lost a child," the hospital said in a statement.

    Garcia said Lucero was not yet vaccinated for the flu when he came down with it in November. She had planned to get him a flu shot, something she had done in the past.

    Flu shots are going fast, and so is the prescription medicine used to fight it -- Tamiflu.

    Some shortages have been reported for children's liquid Tamiflu. But health officials say adult Tamiflu pills are available, and pharmacists can convert those to doses for children.

    The owner of Dougherty's in Dallas said it was unclear when he would get a shipment.

    "We haven't gotten pediatric suspension in over a week," Andy Komuves said.

    Dougherty's is a compounding pharmacy, meaning it can make the drug.