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Where Does Your Recycling Go?



    Where Does Your Recycling Go?
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    Recycling is on the rise in Dallas after years of low response.

    Recycling is on the rise in Dallas after years of low response, just as city

    The entire city has now switched this year to once-a-week trash collection with garbage and recycling on the same day. Large blue bins have been issued to encourage people to separate more recyclables from their regular trash.

    In the month of March, the city reports it collected a third more recycling volume.

    “Your true value is in pulling your recyclables out of the landfill,” said Patricia Davis, of Greenstar Recycling Company. “You’re reducing your cost to take that material to the landfill.”

    Sorting Through Dallas' Recycling

    [DFW] Sorting Through Dallas' Recycling
    Dallas residents asked NBCDFW how the city sorts through all the recycling placed in those big blue bins.
    (Published Friday, April 2, 2010)

    Davis said prices paid for recycled material have rebounded from a sharp decline in 2008.

    At its plant in Garland, Greenstar sorts recyclables collected by the city of Dallas and about a dozen other cities in four states.

    Dallas resident Brooke Richards said she never bothered with recycling a few years ago but has jumped on the bandwagon now.

    “The city makes it so easy for us to recycle. We don’t have to sort it. We don’t have to bag it,” Richards said.

    “But then that begs the question -- does that make it nasty by the time it gets to where it’s supposed to go?”

    The people with Greenstar say nothing goes to waste at their sorting plant.

    Conveyor belts move 350 tons of recyclables through the plant each day. Large machines help sift heavier material away from lighter paper. Workers do some of the sorting by hand.

    “We probably have some hands up there that the Dallas Mavericks would like to have,” said Time Tiemann, plant manager Time Tiemann. “They’re very fast and very accurate.”

    “It’s a huge relief,” Brooke Richards said. “Now I can feel good about everything I throw in my big blue can.”

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