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Pilot Recycling Program Begins Soon in Arlington

Trail program runs Feb. 1 to March 31



    Pilot Recycling Program Begins Soon in Arlington
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    Arlington to test program with 65-gallon carts instead of 22-gallon bins.

    Beginning Feb. 1, approximately 3,000 households in Arlington will begin using 65-gallon carts for recycling material instead of the current 22-gallon bins.

    The carts, which have been used in Fort Worth and Dallas for several years, are part of a two-month trial in the city to study the viability of the program.

    With the program, residents will no longer use the uncovered bins that were manually picked up by workers hopping on and off the back of a collection truck.  Instead, they'll use the taller, larger covered carts that are picked up by the driver using a robotic arm.

    "This is the next natural step for Arlington," said Lorrie Anderle, the City of Arlington's recycling coordinator, who noted that the covered carts would also better help decrease litter than the open-topped bins. "Most cities across the country are going to an automated system."

    Residents that are taking part in the trail were notified earlier this month and should recieve their new carts between Jan. 23-27.

    "We're hoping that people who currently don't recycle, will start recycling," said Anderle. "And that those who currently do recycle, will recycle even more with the increased capacity of the 65-gallon containers."

    After the trial is over, the city will survey residents and compile statistics to see if residents recycled more with the new containers prior to a public hearing on the program.

    If approved city-wide, there would be an increase in cost to residents in order to provide carts to 90,000 single-family households, officials said.