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Organic Farm Sells Healthy Choices



    Organic Farm Sells Healthy Choices
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    A local farm is growing green and giving North Texans a chance to buy local.

    A local farm is growing green and giving North Texans a chance to buy local.

    Everything on Eden Creek Farm is grown organically, a commitment that owner Steve Orth began about 10 years ago.

    "My mother got cancer, and I just knew at that point that it was foods that we were eating, and I just wanted to eat everything that was pure," he said. "We absolutely use no pesticides or no synthetic chemicals on it."

    "Whatever can grow during a certain season, we grow those," Orth said. "We have edible flowers, all kinds of greens, (and) we have fruit trees and nuts."

    Down on the Farm

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    One local farm has found a way to be green and offer an option for North Texans to buy local.
    (Published Monday, April 19, 2010)

    Orth said he and his wife, Kristine, "just love" their farm in Blooming Grove. They live on a stretch of land with their two dogs, two ducks, a bunny named Zoe and countless other animals that roam their land. 

    "We have goats and chickens and horses," Orth said.

    He and his wife harvest their fields every Wednesday and then sell their produce.

    "It takes all day long," Orth said. "About 12 hours to do it, and then we do our deliveries on Thursdays. And we deliver to a lot of five-star restaurants in Dallas and to a few food co-ops."

    The couple said it's rewarding to provide quality, homegrown organic fruits and vegetables.

    "It was amazing the first time we got to taste our food that somebody cooked for us," Orth said. "It looked beautiful. It tasted spectacular. It just made us really proud."

    It also made the Orths want to expand and grow more produce and other organic products.

    "We're actually also in the process in the next few ears with a winery out here," Orth said.

    He said the end result is worth a little hard work.

    "We eat healthy, we feel great," he said.

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