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Green Gadgets Let You Track Energy Use



    Green Gadgets Let You Track Energy Use

    How much energy are your home appliances using? Oregon Scientific can tell you with the help of a couple gadgets coming out in August or September of this year. The Advanced Wireless Appliance Manager (shown) lets you monitor up to eight appliances with the use of remote sensors. At a glance, you can learn their real-time costs, power consumption, and carbon emissions. The base unit also includes a clock and calendar. It will list for $79.99.

    If that's more than you need, check out the Individual Appliance Manager. This single-appliance device plugs into any outlet, and then you plug an appliance into it. Use it to track electricity use, as well as associated costs. I like that it includes a backup power source, so that users can unplug it from an outlet without losing the data they're tracking. The LCD shows energy current, line voltage, and electricity cost. It will list for $29.99.