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Give Your Time, Not Money



    Give Your Time, Not Money

    With the holidays right around the corner and the current economic crisis you may find yourself giving less to charity this year.

    But, instead of giving money, you can give your time and help future generations to come.

    At Devon Anderson Park in Dallas, volunteers from General Electric and NBC 5 helped clear hiking trails in the Great Trinity Forest.

    "In the forest, illegal dumping is a big problem so we try to figure out ways and do clean up projects in conjunction with our trail building projects," said Casie Pierce, executive director with Groundwork Dallas.

    Can't Donate Money? How About your Time

    [DFW] Can't Donate Money? How About your Time
    Volunteers come together to help clean up part of the Great Trinity Forest.
    (Published Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008)

    The majority of the hiking trail is maintained with the help of volunteers.

    "Not very many people come out here and enjoy it. One of the reasons is some of these trails have been overgrown so badly -- we are making it accessible so people can come out and enjoy it," said David Finfrock, NBC 5 chief meteorologist and volunteer.

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