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Arlington Considers Larger Recycling Bins

New carts receive mixed reviews



    Residents in Arlington are divided over a proposed plan to increase the size of recycling bins. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012)

    Arlington is considering curbing the 22-gallon recycling bins currently used by residents in favor of 65-gallon bins on wheels.

    Republic Waste Services said the larger bins would be convenient because of the wheels and would encourage people to recycle more.

    The plan has been mulled over, rejected and tweaked a few times since it was first proposed last fall.

    Not all residents agree that bigger is better.

    "That's horrible, horrible," said Dave Hill, of North Arlington. "I don't want it; take it away. Where am I going to put this great big dang thing for the rest of the week?"

    Cleta Richmond agreed that the larger bins, which would cost residents an extra 94 cents per month on household bills, would take up too much space.

    "I like what we have now," she said. "I think the bigger carts are too hard to store. I don't mind the extra dollar -- I think we should be recycling. But the big carts -- there's no place to put them. I don't want to have to roll them all the way out and then back in."

    But Dezerea Oates said she favors the larger carts because they have wheels.

    "We do need those," she said. "It would make it easier to pull them up to your house and pull them down."

    Some residents said the wheels would be too loud when people pull them up and down driveways.

    Republic said the wheeled bins would make working conditions safer because sanitation crews would handle fewer items. The sanitation trucks' automated arms would lift the bins.

    The City Council will consider the proposal Tuesday night. The floor will also be open to public input about the new carts.