Bill Clinton Urges North Texas Voters to 'Bring it Home' for Hillary | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Bill Clinton Urges North Texas Voters to 'Bring it Home' for Hillary
BY Caroline Connolly

One day before the Texas primary, former President Bill Clinton stopped in Fort Worth to make one last pitch to voters.

“Choose right. Go bring it home for her tomorrow,” said Clinton, who drew a crowd of nearly 600 people to Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus.

The visit was one of three Clinton made in Texas Monday. Telling voters that Texas “should be a purple state,” Clinton touched on issues of immigration, religion and education.

“Everybody ought to be able to go to and graduate from a public college or another college, a private a college, that caters to people who are working people who don't have a lot of money,” Clinton said. “They ought to be able to graduate debt free.”

The message earned loud cheers from a room filled largely with high school and college students. They listened intently as Clinton discussed an education plan that would allow them to refinance college loans and treat them similar to a mortgage plan. 

“Working off your debt, taking breaks between semesters, having to pay for it. I can definitely relate to all that,” said student, Maribel Favila. 

Rather than attack Hillary Clinton’s democratic challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Clinton focused his speech on the Republican challengers, even poking fun at their recent debate.

“They spent a minute and a half calling each other liars the other night,” Clinton said. “I didn't know whether I was watching a sixth grade recess fight or a bad piece of reality TV.”

The former president also reignited the debate over Texas’ Voter ID law, which he and Hillary Clinton have openly criticized in the past.

“What was hallowed ground for equal opportunity in America since 1962, they now want to say, 'oh, no, no. We want to draw these districts based on the number of registered voters or ineligible voters,’” said Clinton. “Meaning if you're a state representative in Texas, and you represent a large number of fully documented immigrants, you may lose your seat. It’s so patently transparent.”

Coming off a decisive win in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton’s position in southern states could be strong. However, Clinton urged voters to go to the polls Tuesday to ensure it.

“I want you to give her a big vote tomorrow,” Clinton said.