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Bill White Statement to Supporters

Bill White sent out the following statement to his supporters Tuesday night.


Tonight, despite all of the hard work of so many Texans, our state does not have a new Governor. Andrea and I congratulate Rick and Anita Perry on his re-election.


Bill White Concession Speech

Bill White Concession Speech

Bill White Concession Speech

No words can express the gratitude we feel for the efforts of tens of thousands of Texans who have sacrificed the time, treasure and talent on behalf of our campaign for Texas' future. Your belief in Texas as a place of opportunity has been a source of strength for me and my family. Our work may have fallen short of a majority, but you have built a young, hopeful and remarkably bipartisan coalition for Texas' future.

I would also like to thank my remarkable family. My parents and mother-in-law inspired us. The three young Texans who Andrea and I have raised played an unforgettable role. And Andrea's affection and respect, now and forever, is the only vote I need to be a winner in this life.

In this election we expect a record number of Texans spoke at the ballot box. For all those millions of Texans, remember that the work of building a state is not principally the work of elected officials. It depends on committed citizens--entrepreneurs, and civic and community leaders. Your work as a citizen does not end after you cast your ballot.

We ask you to join Andrea and me in extending their best wishes to Anita and Rick Perry. To those who have supported me, please recognize that Governor Perry is not your enemy--he is just a fellow Texan. We should hope that each Texas Governor, now and in the future, succeeds in creating more opportunity for all Texans. We congratulate Governor Perry's supporters. And hope that you commit to respect those leaders in Texas and our nation who have been elected by popular vote. All Texans should learn to respect diversity in our beliefs, as in our backgrounds.

We Texans share common and simple dreams--a dream of better jobs and careers; of even more opportunities for our children; of secure and affordable neighborhoods; and competent, honest government which make wise use of tax dollars. Since we share those common dreams, it is difficult to understand why finding common ground at times seems difficult.

For elected officials in both parties in our state government, please remember that Texans have common sense. We know we must provide a good education for all Texans, and must protect our borders, maintain our roads, imprison criminals, protect our most vulnerable and so much more. Texans know these essential services are not free, and can handle straight talk about our state's budget problem.

Finally, to the people of Houston, Andrea and I express our love and respect for the people of this great American city. We have raised a family here and have grown to know and cherish each neighborhood. We look forward to returning to lives as private citizens among an extended family of friends and neighbors in this great city. Thank you for the support you have given to me during this campaign and years of public service.

God bless each of you, and God bless Texas.


Bill White