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Railroad Comm. Williams to Resign, Run for Senate
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
According to his Twitter account Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams will likely launch a bid for the U.S. Senate.
Updated Nov 3, 01:48 PM CDT
100 % Precincts Reporting
Rick Perry (R) 55% 2,733,784
Bill White (D) 42% 2,102,606
Kathie Glass (L) 2% 109,057
Deb Shafto (G) 0% 19,475
Toned Down Inauguration for Gov. Perry
Getty Images
May 10, 02:38 PM CDT
A tough economy means a scaled back inauguration with no parade.
Gingrich Considering White House Bid
Getty Images
Nov 11, 11:30 PM CST
The former House speaker says he's eyeing 2012.

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Nov 3, 12:04 AM CDT
Nov 2, 10:06 PM CDT
Perry says his book is so anti-Washington, there's no way he'd be able to run.
Nov 3, 12:10 AM CDT
White concedes race to incumbent Rick Perry.
Feb 12, 12:25 PM CST
Perry continues run as Texas' longest-serving governor.
Nov 2, 07:17 PM CDT
Rick Perry has never lost an election. Neither has Bill White. That ends tonight.
Oct 29, 06:04 PM CDT