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Rep. Johnson Wins Re-election
BY Kristi Nelson

Nine-term Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson was re-elected to the 30th Congressional District, despite a scholarship scandal that had threatened to unseat her. 

Johnson, who'd kept a low profile recently, arrived in good spirits to greet a crowd of supporters at the American Airlines Center on Election Night. She made no mention of her GOP opponent Stephen Broden, or of that scholarship scandal in which gave Congressional Black Caucus scholarships -- intended for qualified students in her district -- to ineligible relatives and friends.

Broden said he was proud to have offered voters some alternatives "to what has been the pattern."

"I think she's probably run a race that has been very successful for her, " Broden said of Johnson. "She understands the district, she's been there for 18 years, she knows how to rally her troops."

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson Happy to be Re-elected

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson Happy to be Re-elected

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson Happy to be Re-elected

Broden experienced controversy of his own in the days leading up to Election Day,  after he made statements about violent revolution during an interview. On Election Night, after it was clear Johnson woud win, Broden resisted discussion of whether his comments turned some voters away.

"To what extent it did, I can't measure that," Broden said.