Wife of Firefighter Launches Rapid COVID-19 Testing Site for Some Dallas First Responders

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Delays in COVID-19 test results are frustrating. It can be even more frustrating for a first responder waiting on their results.

One first responder in Dallas said it took well over a week to get results, and that didn't sit well with Adriana Gallegos, who husband is a Dallas firefighter.

When Adriana and Brian Gallegos had to test their 3-year-old son for coronavirus, they said they got the results right away.

“So it was great to walk away and get results within 20 minutes, that was relieving, right, ‘Oh great, he doesn't have COVID, we're good to go,'" she said.

But that wasn't the case for another Dallas firefighter she spoke with through her work with the Dallas Hispanic Firefighters Association.

“It just struck me as odd as soon as he said that I was like, 'Wow, how was I, a regular person, able to go get results in 20 minutes and our first responders aren't able to get results in 20 minutes?' That to me just didn't make sense,” Adriana Gallegos said.

So she turned a problem into a solution.

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“I thought it was a long shot, honestly,” she said.

She messaged the president of Virtual Care for Families, the same company that tested her son for COVID-19 in 20 minutes. 

“Right off the bat, we knew that this was something we wanted to dive headfirst into. We ourselves have a lot of front line heroes that are in our clinics,” Pearce said.

It set the wheels in motion.

Within three weeks, she had a mobile office, equipment and supplies.

As of this week, the clinic is up and running.

“It's a game-changer, I think. I think it’s crucial, it was needed, and I think they're all grateful for it so far,” Gallegos said.

For now, the rapid testing is only available to members of the Dallas Hispanic Firefighters Association.

The goal, Gallegos said, is to expand to all first responders and their families.

“We just need a little help,” she said.

The testing is being funded solely by the DHFA.

Expanding the service, Gallegos said, will depend on more donations.

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