Caregivers Put on Piano Show From Parking Lot of Senior Home

The residents were able to watch and sing along from their windows at a senior living facility in Denton.

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With most senior living facilities are on lockdown, residents there are struggling being separated from their families and loved ones.

However, one group of caregivers is helping to ease the loneliness through music.

Texas Home Health, which provides caregivers and services for seniors across the state, sent some of their nurses and a therapist to Mayberry Gardens Senior Home in Denton on Friday.

Prior to coronavirus, one of the caregivers used to come play the piano for Mayberry residents during lunch. Obviously, that had to end when they went on lockdown but the caregivers didn't let that stop them from doing a sing-a-long from the parking lot for the residents, who watched through the windows.

“It's been really hard for them not being able to see their family, their loved ones and have visitors,” said Tracey Miller, a piano player and a caregiver. “So we thought to cheer them up. We thought, why can't we still do music but just do it outside!”

Miller played several songs as her colleagues held up signs for the seniors to read, making for a very special moment.

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