Walgreens Opens Up 8 New COVID-19 Testing Locations in Dallas-Fort Worth

Eight stores in Dallas-Fort Worth are among the new test locations

Picture of a man waiting for their nurse
Pat Greenhouse | Boston Globe | Getty Images

On Monday, Walgreens added eight more stores to their growing list of pharmacies that can provide COVID-19 testing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As of May 1, Walgreens will have 6,000 test locations around the nation with more than half of them in socially vulnerable areas.

They've added a total of 3,600 additional testing sites since Jan 1, greatly increasing the speed citizens can go get tested for the virus.

The test is available at no cost and can be scheduled here. Walgreens has also boosted their drive-through COVID-19 testing locations to 152.

COVID-19 testing is only available to patients above the age of 3 and anyone who gets a diagnostic test will be asked to show their insurance card if they have insurance.

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