Volunteers Pitch in to Help People Impacted by Coronavirus

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Amid the ongoing spread of coronavirus in North Texas, many are banding together to help those who have lost their jobs or need assistance during county and citywide ‘shelter in place’ orders.

“We wanted to start the mutual aid fund and providing assistance to people who were missing out of work,” Nan Kirkpatrick said. “People are going to be out there struggling from acute needs, like literally waking up and not having a job,” she continued.

Through the North Texas Chapter of the Democratic Socialist of America, Kirkpatrick has helped organize a network of over 100 volunteers who deliver groceries and essentials to people with compromised immune systems as well as offering immediate financial support.

“Giving somebody a small gift of $100 or $200 can really help offset the stress of having woken up one morning and not having a job,” she said.

So far, Kirkpatrick said they have given away about $7,000. But the core of the effort is driven by volunteers like Michael Gonzales, who himself is facing imminent unemployment.

“The people who have asked for funds have also come into the space and have offered help themselves, have offered to make runs themselves, so it’s been extremely heartening actually,” Gonzales said.

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