Thank You: North Texas Nurse Nearly Brought to Tears While Having Oil Changed

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Finding the time for a simple oil change isn’t easy these days, just ask a nurse.

Patsy McMillon had been trying to fit it in her busy schedule for a couple of weeks.

“Just working a lot,” she said. “It’s been a long day, long week so far.”

McMillon is a nurse at a Plano hospital and has been very busy amid COVID-19.

This week, she was finally able to schedule an oil change for her jeep.

She went to Christian Brothers Automotive Midway located near the Bush Turnpike.

McMillon, wearing work scrubs, waited in the lobby. (She stresses she had not been in contact with COVID-patients that day.)

The shop’s security camera captured as the weight of yet another busy week of work caught up with her.

“We noticed she was really tired,” said Mark Haun, owner of Christian Brothers Automotive Midway.

McMillon said, “I love my job, I love what I do, just sometimes it’s exhausting and I think I nodded off in the lobby.”

When it came time to pay, McMillon received an unexpected response.

“I went to ask him how much it was,” she said. “He said ‘we got it. Thanks for being a nurse on the front line.”

Haun said his employee noticed she was in the medical field ‘and we just wanted to bless her with a free oil change.’

“It was... I just wanted to tear up. It was the kindest gesture,” she said.

The single mother has also been shown support in her Carrollton neighborhood.

“I have the best neighbors,” she said.

When she returned home after an overnight shift she found a sticky note reading: ‘Thank you for being a nurse! We mowed your yard for you.’

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She said two neighbors have mowed her lawn several times recently.

“I’m so gratefully. I love my neighbors,” she said.

The owners of Christian Brothers Automotive Midway said this was just a small ‘thank you.’

“That we could do our teeny little part was great,” said Dianna Haun, president of the company.

“They’re putting themselves in harm's way every minute of every day at their job,” said Mark Haun. “This was just a really small thing we could do.”

McMillon said she and her colleagues are thankful for the outpouring of support amid COVID-19.

“Thank you very much from all the nurses, from the bottom of our heart,” she said. “We try really hard."

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