Texas Workforce Commission

Texas Senate Staffers Volunteer to Help Answer Workforce Commission Calls

Volunteers to go through training Thursday before answering calls from Texans seeking help

dan patrick july 19
NBC 5 News

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says members of the Texas Senate are volunteering staffers to assist the Texas Workforce Commission in answering calls from Texans seeking unemployment help.

“Senators that I spoke with this past weekend wanted to make sure the Texas Workforce Commission responds to as many calls as possible from Texans regarding unemployment benefits. My office contacted the TWC first thing Monday morning, who welcomed our help. Senators agreed to allow their staff members to volunteer at the TWC," Patrick said.

As of noon Tuesday, almost 200 senate staffers as well as staffers in Patrick's office have volunteered, Patrick said. They will begin training Thursday.

“The President and Congress have allocated substantial additional resources for those who are unemployed as a result of the coronavirus, and we must do all we can to make sure Texans get those resources as soon as possible," Patrick said in a statement.

Click here for information about the Texas Workforce Commission and unemployment benefits available to Texans through the federal Cares Act.

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