Texas River Tubing Companies Beginning to Reopen

River tubing is just one of many things reopening in Texas

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Tubing companies are beginning to reopen along the popular San Marcos River in central Texas.

Tubing season has officially begun on the San Marcos River at least, in a scaled back version for company 'Texas State Tubes.'

"On a normal day, I would have hundreds of vehicles and at least a thousand tubers out here," said General Manager Erica Gomez of Texas State Tubes.

Gomez says they're operating at about 10% to 15% capacity as they implement new safety measures that includes only allowing tubing by appointment.

"We have everybody sit in a checkered style. When everybody is dropped off, the bus driver sanitizes the seats, allows for time for them to dry," Gomez said.

The procedures look different for annual tubers but many are glad for a small step toward normalcy.

"It's about time. People need to be in nature and see people, it's good," said tuber Lily Gately.

"As a chemist, I think there should be measures, because there's a proper way to do things. You can enjoy the environment, you can enjoy the tubing, enjoy the river, without spreading the virus," added tuber Dustin Quigley.

Gomez acknowledges that not everybody was happy about their decision to reopen, but says she's glad to try to get people back on the river safely.

"If we can just allow everybody in the world to just have a few moments of respite in this crazy world in a safe way, I would love to be able to provide that for people."

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