Dennis Bonnen

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, Wife Test Positive for COVID-19

Speaker Bonnen tested positive this weekend following his wife's diagnosis last week, he said in a Facebook post

Dennis Bonnen
NBC 5 News

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and his wife have tested positive for COVID-19, according to a post Sunday on his Facebook page.

Bonnen (R-Angleton) said in the post that his wife, Kim, tested positive last week, and he learned this weekend that he had COVID-19.

His wife has had "difficult but manageable symptoms," and Bonnen's have been mild, he said.

The Bonnen's two sons, Jackson and Gregory, are being tested and they are quarantining as a family, the post said.

"We are unable to pinpoint our initial exposure, as we – like so many other families  – made the difficult decision to celebrate Christmas with just our own household this year and have diligently followed all health protocols since March, thanks to my wife’s adamant reminders," Bonnen wrote.

He warned people to take precautions.

"This disease is no joke in its unpredictability and severity, so please continue to keep your guard up and your loved ones protected," Bonnen said.

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