Texas Attorney General Warns Against Price Gouging, Scams

Consumer Reports

One of the top officials in the state of Texas is warning wholesalers, retailers and individuals about the consequences of price gouging basic necessities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The office of Attorney General Ken Paxton warned Saturday that anyone caught price gouging or engaging in any other kind of disaster scam would be “met with the full force of the law.”

Earlier Saturday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins issued a similar warning, specifically mentioning the price gouging of toilet paper.

Paxton’s statement said the law applies in the wake of a disaster declared by either the governor of Texas or the president of the United States, and includes companies who provide retailers with goods.

The statement directed anyone who thinks they encounter price gouging or scams to call the Office of the Attorney General at 800-621-0508 or file an online complaint.

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