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‘We Might Be Done With COVID-19, But It Is Not Done With Us,' Officials Say

Tarrant County physicians wrote an online article urging unvaccinated people to get vaccinated.

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“We are at a tipping point.”  

That is the urgent message this week from the Tarrant County Medical Society.

This week it released an article online on its news blog, “We Might be Done with COVID-19, But It Is Not Done With Us.” 

It’s a plea from physicians to the patients they serve.  

“The more that we can arm ourselves as humans, as a population, the better that we will fare, and the sooner we will get out of this pandemic,” said Dr. Triwanna Fisher-Wikoff, a family medicine physician with Privia Medical Group North Texas. 

Both she and Dr. Greg Phillips said most of their COVID-19 patients have the delta variant.  

Phillips is a past president of the Tarrant County Medical Society.  

He weighed in and helped write the online article for its news blog.  

“As a medical society, we felt we wanted to make a statement to the community, reinforcing that healthcare is based on science, it’s not based on fiction,” said Dr. Greg Phillips, an internal medicine physician with Phillips Total Health.  

He said Tarrant County is seeing between 800 and 1,000 new COVID-19 cases every day.  

Intensive care units are 96% full.   

It’s put a strain on hospitals and staff.  

“I can see on the face of critical care doctors and infectious disease doctors, that they’re back in a very very stressful and strange situation,” said Dr. Phillips. 

Philips said all of his COVID-19 patients from the last month and a half are people who are not vaccinated.  

Health experts can’t stress it enough - get vaccinated if you’re eligible.  

Both doctors said their COVID-19 patients who were vaccinated have had mild symptoms - or no symptoms at all. 

You can read the full article on the Tarrant County Medical Society news blog here.

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