Tarrant County ICUs Hit 98% Occupancy; 1,947 COVID-19 Cases, 8 Deaths Added Tuesday

Cases top 161,800 in Tarrant County with 1,550 dead since early March; an estimated 117,134 people have recovered from the virus

Nefty Gonzalez, NBC 5

The Tarrant County Public Health Department says ICUs in the county are at 98% capacity Tuesday while adding an additional 1,947 new cases of COVID-19 along with eight new deaths.

According to the TCPH COVID-19 dashboard, there were 1,426 COVID-19 patients in county hospitals Monday, two less than on Sunday. COVID-19 patients are making up 30% of all county hospital patients and 25% of all hospital patients in TSA-E. The total bed occupancy rate for all hospital beds in the county is now at 90%, a drop of 7% from Monday. Adult ICU capacity in Tarrant County increased to 98% according to the TCPH COVID-19 dashboard.

Though the hospital capacities are getting close to 100%, officials stressed last week they have surge plans to expand capacity if necessary.

"Hospitals have pandemic surge plans. Let me not scare people, that they don’t know or they don’t have the capacity. They do, but do you really want to stretch that capacity? We already know we’re thin on staffing," Tarrant County Public Health Director Vinnu Taneja said Tuesday. "Staff has been working in the hospital for close to 10 months dealing with a lot of COVID and illness. They’re tired. Some of them had COVID, family with COVID, some of them died. So, do you really want to stretch that capacity?"

In the last seven days, the county has announced 16,599 new and probable cases of the virus or an average of 2,371 per day. Data from the county health department indicated there were 1,574 more confirmed cases than the most recent report and 373 more probable cases. To date, the county has reported 141,326 confirmed cases of the virus and 20,552 probable cases for a total of 161,878 cases.

The county is also reporting another 1,099 estimated recoveries, bringing the total number of survivors to 117,134. There are currently an estimated 43,194 active cases in the county, the most of any North Texas county.

The latest victims included a man from Mansfield in his 80s, two women from Fort Worth in their 80s, a woman from Colleyville in her 80s, a man from North Richland Hills in his 80s, a man from Arlington in his 80s, a man from Arlington in his 40s, and a man from Fort Worth in his 30s. All had underlying health conditions.

TCPH now reports 1,550 deaths attributed to the virus since March 2020.

Tarrant County, which has extended its mask mandate until Feb. 28, 2021, began reporting both probable and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in August 2020 at the request of the state health department. Probable cases, the county said, account for a variety of real-world situations and could highlight cases in the community that may otherwise go unreported.

COVID-19 causes a respiratory illness with cough, fever and shortness of breath and may lead to bronchitis, severe pneumonia or even death. For more information go to or call the Tarrant County Public Health information line, 817-248-6299, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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