Tarrant County

Tarrant County Adds 266 Cases of COVID-19 Monday, No Deaths

Tarrant County has a total of 52,366 cases of the coronavirus, 672 deaths and an estimated 45,046 recoveries

Nefty Gonzalez, NBC 5

Tarrant County Public Health on Monday reported 266 additional cases of COVID-19 and no additional deaths.

Of the 266 additional cases reported Monday, data from the county health department indicates there are 208 more confirmed cases than the day before and 58 more probable cases.

The county began reporting both probable and confirmed cases in August at the request of the state health department. Probable cases, the county said, account for a variety of real-world situations and could highlight cases in the community that may otherwise go unreported. To date, the county has reported 48,483 confirmed cases of the virus and 3,883 probable cases for a total of 52,366 cases.

The county has reported a total of 672 deaths.

The county is also reporting another 185 estimated recoveries, bringing the total number of survivors to 45,046.

The health department reports 330 COVID-19 patients are currently occupying hospital beds in the county.

In an effort to curb the spread of the virus, the county health department is urging those contacted for contact tracing to answer the call, saying only about 51% of people contacted have responded.

The TCPH said the growth of COVID-19 has changed the mortality of Tarrant County. In seven months, 672 residents have died of the virus. COVID-19 is now projected to be the third leading killer of our residents behind cancer and heart disease and is expected to surpass the annual total for stroke later this year.

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