Taco Shop Creates ‘Bot' for Contactless Curbside Service

A North Texas taco shop has created a unique method of contactless delivery

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These days, restaurants are getting creative to make customers feel safe.

One North Texas taco shop is doing curbside a little differently.

As a vegan Mexican restaurant, customers have questions when they eat at El Palote Panaderia in Pleasant Grove.

The first question probably won’t be about the menu.

“It’s definitely in the wheelhouse for somebody that doesn't know what a vegan taco is; To add this as a cherry on top just makes the experience a lot different,” said restaurant co-owner Aaron Arias.

Arias invented a DIY device to safely deliver food to customers in his parking lot. He said the idea came to him and his family in March when the restaurant had to switch solely to take-out because of the coronavirus shutdown.

“So I was doing it myself and I'm a hypochondriac so I was having a real hard time. I was over-washing my hands and I was going crazy and this came from anxiety, really,” Arias said.

Arias nicknamed the device “El Palote Bot.”

Food is placed in a plastic bin attached to a Jeep Wrangler big wheel topped with a t-shirt and tablet ready for a real-life virus.

A remote control takes it right up to customer's cars.

The bin is sanitized between orders.

“I think everybody gets a good laugh,” Arias said.

Arias said "El Palote Bot" may have to park it once he's comfortable reopening his dining room.

Until then, customers can expect a truly contactless delivery by a business in touch with the times.

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