Student Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Traveled Through DFW Airport

The student has been in home isolation since Saturday

dfw airport sign
NBC 5 News

A college student from Wichita Falls who tested positive for COVID-19 traveled through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday, the city says.

The student, who is in their 20s and goes to school out of state, landed at DFW Airport Thursday, then took a connecting flight to Wichita Falls, the city wrote in a Facebook post.

The student started to feel mild symptoms the day before the flight, took a coronavirus test at a Wichita Fallas drive-up facility on Saturday and has been isolated at home since then.

The Wichita County Public Health District asked anyone on American Airlines flight 3612 from Dallas-Fort Worth to Wichita Fallas on March 19 to contact them.

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