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Student Loan Payments on Pause, for Now

The U.S. Department of Education has announced that most student loan borrowers don’t need to resume their payments until next year.=

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If you’re one of the millions who owe money on student loans, here's a sign of relief.

You're off the hook for payments for the rest of the year and possibly a good chunk of next year.

It's all part of an executive order signed by President Donald Trump this month.

That order granted people with student debt, another three-month break from their bills. Interest will not accrue during this time period.

We're still waiting to see if another stimulus package in Congress offers more relief to borrowers. In the Heroes Act proposal by House Democrats, there's a call to extend this payment pause until September of next year.

In the meantime, a lot of people wondering who qualifies for this.

CNBC covered everything you need to know about how the payment pause works, who it applies to and what to do for special circumstances. Click here for more.

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