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Strained Resources Force Texas Health to Suspend Elective, Non-Essential Surgeries

Gov. Abbott's executive order says procedures must be halted if they deplete the "capacity needed to cope with COVID-19 disaster"

Texas Health Resources says they are postponing all outpatient elective and non-essential surgeries beginning Thursday.

The health care network released the statement Tuesday, saying the procedures were being delayed due to the increase in COVID-19 patients.

"The prevalence of COVID-19 positive patients has caused severe stress on inpatient and emergency department bed capacity and staffing resources. This along with record numbers of COVID-19 positive cases in our communities demands that our hospitals initiate their surge plans to accommodate the increased volume," Texas Health said in a statement.

On Dec. 4, when hospitals in Trauma Service Area E eclipsed 15% COVID-19 occupancy, under an executive order from Gov. Greg Abbott hospitals were expected to suspend elective surgeries, however, there were exceptions for procedures that “would not deplete any hospital capacity needed to cope with the COVID-19 disaster.”

Now apparently having reached that threshold, Texas Health is suspending elective and non-essential surgeries until further notice.

The restrictions outlined in Abbott's executive order will remain in effect until hospitals in TSA-E report COVID-19 occupancy below 15% for seven straight days.

According to their website, Texas Health Resources is an Arlington-based nonprofit health system serving 16 North Texas counties. They operate 27 hospitals and 80 outpatient facilities while employing roughly 23,000 people.

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