Southlake Threading Expert Finds New Way for Perfect Arch

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A brow salon in Southlake will get back into business with a new way of giving clients that perfect arch.

“The threading requires, how I do the method, it requires me to hold the thread in my mouth. So, I really had to come up with a new method,” said Sunita Muppagovini, owner of the The Theading Studio.

Muppagovini has owned her business for 15 years and has used the same method all that time. She wraps the cotton thread around the hairs, then holds the thread in her mouth to pull and remove the hair.

When coronavirus restrictions forced her to close her business back in March, she assumed she’d be back seeing clients in two to three weeks.

As time went on, she realized the way she’d always served her clients would have to change.

Threading expert Sunita Muppagovini found a new way to serve her clients as she reopens her business under restrictions to protect against coronavirus. Photo Credit: Neda Khalilian

“While I was home, I was putting a lot of thought to it. How to get back to work? And how to do the threading the safest way and not sure if my business is ever gonna be the same again,” she told NBC 5. 

As ideas swirled, she settled on one she’d seen before but adapted it to suit her. Video from client Neda Khalilian shows her new method.

A neck strap with a clip attached now holds the thread instead of placing it in her mouth and allows for the same movement to remove the hair.  Instead of holding the spool of cotton thread in her hand, it’s now in a plastic bag which she pulls out as needed with gloved hands.

“It’ll slow me down a little but is much safer,” she said.

A face shield and mask will keep her protected and clients will wear a mask, too.  To allow for the 6-foot social distancing requirement, a second threading station was moved into a separate salon. 

Muppagovini removed chairs from her salon where clients would sit right next to each other. Clients will now be asked to wait in their car for a text that tells them to come inside the salon.

She’ll also follow the new federal health guidelines that require extra sanitation between clients.

Muppagovini says the new way of threading and extra sanitation means a normal 3-minute visit may now take up to 10 minutes, but already she has customers willing to wait. She’s thankful for their trust and eager to welcome back her clients.

“I’m ready,” she said.

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