Some Businesses Getting a Break On Rent Because of Coronavirus

Some landlords telling businesses don't worry about paying rent at the first of the month

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Along Lowest Greenville on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, some businesses are doing what they can with take-out orders to try and keep revenue coming in.

"I feel like every 24 hours you kind of wake up and it's still a dream almost,” owner of Greenville Avenue Pizza Company Sammy Mandell said. “It's just very surreal right now."

Mandell said it isn't easy with all the COVID-19 business restrictions.

"Here on Lowest Greenville it's a foot traffic community so not having that business you know we are down quite a bit," Mandell said.

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company in Dallas

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company though is getting some relief from its landlord Madison Partners.

"We are telling them that we are going to work with them, not to worry about rent in April and potentially beyond if it goes longer than that," partner in Madison Partners Jon Hetzel said.

Hetzel said they'll work with each individual tenant depending on their circumstances. Some are still open. Others have had to close completely cutting off all income.

"Our main goal is to just try to pull as much fear and uncertainty out of it as possible and let these businesses know we are here to work with them," Hetzel said.

Mandell said that is exactly what it's doing for his business.

"Yes, it's helping with our payroll needs,” Mandell said. “But most importantly for me, I'd say right now it's peace of mind. It helps keep a little bit of optimism going in such a rough time."

Rough because they don't know when things will fully open again.

"Moving forward the concern is how long does this go," Mandell said.

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