Schools Making Progress Trying To Arm Students With Technology

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Cedar Hill High Senior Tyliah Rollins says trying to get school work done at home is a challenge.  

"It can be hectic because I have a lot of assignments to do every week, so it gets to be a lot," said Rollins.

Rollins has nine siblings and some of them have computers from school and some don’t, meaning she has to wait until a device is free in the home and that wait can be long.

"Real late hours, sometimes two or three in the morning depending on how much work there is," said Rollins

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Cedar Hill ISD superintendent Gerald Hudson says the district has connected with all families who told them they need help and they should have enough machines for everyone.  The problem isn’t just finding a machine though, it’s making sure they’re properly configured and safeguarded to put in a child’s hands."There are some things that have to be done to have the firewalls, the protection,  the software to track where devices are located," said Hudson.

The problem may be bigger than just families who don’t have computers at home.  Even those who have the devices say online learning isn’t so smooth.

"They use their own tablets and I have to use it for work and there’s that conundrum of I’m trying to work and they have to do school work," said parent Dominic Green. "That’s the challenge right now we’re trying to navigate

They’re problems everyone is facing, and why school leaders say everyone will need to be mindful of the struggles both schools and students are facing as we rebuild the schoolhouse at your own house.   

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