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Schools Fight Flu & Prepare For Coronavirus

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Using a tool that looks like something out of a movie, custodians at Garland ISD are spraying down classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, and buses with a disinfectant used to stop the spread of germs.

The district has been using the technology for years to fight the flu, and it has helped.

"I used to get called weekly to go wipe down the school because they had 10 percent absenteeism. That hasn't happened a whole lot at all (since using the machine)," said Charles Alexander, Building Services Manager.

Coronavirus in the classroom could easily happen. Students are often seated in clusters, with their desks right up against one another. They share the same supplies. Coughs and sneezes can also easily spread.

"Some of my kids are very nervous about it, we watched a video and talk about how germs spread," said Sharain Fallad, a teacher at Bradfield Elementary.

Teachers said they've had to calm kid's fears after they kept worrying anytime a classmate would cough or sneeze.

The fear and anger has been turned into action. Each cluster of desks has a team leader who makes sure every surface gets disinfected several times a day.

School leaders say it's not about living in fear, but admitting schools have germs that they have to tackle head on to keep students and staff healthy.

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