School Districts Turning to Parents for Input on What the Next School Year Should Look Like

Fort Worth ISD and Garland ISD have issued surveys to gather opinions from parents on how to structure summer sessions and the 2021-2022 school year

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North Texas school districts are trying to plan for the next school year, but the pandemic hasn't made it easy.

Some are turning to parents for input.

This week, Fort Worth ISD has launched a survey to collect parent opinions about how the district should conduct summer school this year and how the 2021-22 school year will be organized.

“Because we're thinking about extended summer sessions. We’re thinking about what are we going to do next year with in-person or virtual instruction,” said Clint bond with Fort Worth ISD.

District officials said the Texas Education Agency (TEA) still has not given them any guidance on virtual or in-person instruction for next year.

That’s why they want to figure out what the parents want.

Should school be totally in-person or should they continue the hybrid virtual format? Should masks still be required? Do parents need more help with computers and wi-fi access?

Does the school year and summer session need to be extended for some schools? What it would take for you to feel comfortable to send your student to school for in-person instruction?

There are a lot of questions to cover before district officials make a decision.

“Everyone knows this has been a very disruptive year. And for some students, parents would like to have their students go through an extended summer session maybe to make up for things they lost. And if not to make up for what you’ve lost, certainly to refresh yourself about what you should’ve been learning,” said Bond.

Parents have just two weeks to fill out the survey. The deadline is April 25. Click here for the link.

You must have your student’s ID number ready before filling out the form.

Garland ISD is also asking parents to let them know their opinions. GISD is returning to full on-campus face-to-face instruction in fall 2021 but district officials want to know if parents would be interested in an all-virtual school program next year.

Click here to fill out the GISD survey. Deadline is April 23.

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