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Reeling From COVID-19, Small Businesses Continue to Seek Federal Help

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Small businesses across North Texas are fighting to survive amid the latest resurgence in COVID-19. And while thousands have received federal assistance through programs like the Payroll Protection Program, many others are still waiting.

“Around the metroplex, there are a whole bunch of places closed down not getting the help so I would think that would open their [government’s] eyes,” said Martin Cardona, co-owner of Tacos Del Norte.

In April, the Cardona family was forced to shut down Taco’s Del Norte after they failed to get any federal assistance. Months later, they were able to open back up in Haltom City thanks to community support, but say federal assistance during the pandemic will still be crucial for their long-term survival.

“The programs are by no means perfect. It’s like building a plane while in the air,” said John Steinmetz, President and CEO of Vista Bank.

Steinmetz was one of a number of community bank leaders who traveled to Washington, D.C. this week to meet with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The primary topic of discussion was federal programs, like the PPP, that have helped thousands of small businesses so far. Steinmetz believes the programs have continued to improve and will be able to help more small businesses in weeks to come.

“If you are a small business owner I would encourage you to stop by your local bank, stop by your credit union and allow us to walk you throw the process because we all want to get through this together,” Steinmetz said.

Meanwhile, the Cardona family hopes their business will continue to grow and the long-awaited federal help will finally come.

“Hopefully our message gets out and the government can extend the help to people like us,” said Austin Cardona.

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