Reduced Number of Dallas County COVID-19 Cases Provide Restrained Hope

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Wednesday brought some hope in the fight against the coronavirus as Dallas County announced 63 new cases, a noticeable decline from the 90 to 100 reported each day over the last week.

“All of the interventions, the home, stay safe are making a difference. It is flattening the curve,” said Health Director Dr. Philip Huang.

In a press conference, Huang pointed to diagrams of a curve showing, at most, a little over 500 hospital beds would be needed according to the most recent trends of county-wide cases. That’s in contrast to a diagram showing what would happen if no precautions had been taken that estimated 17,500 beds would be needed at the virus’ peak.

But Huang, along with Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, still urged people to remain vigilant.

It’s a sentiment that echoed Dr. Deborah Birx from the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force earlier in the day.

"If people start going out again and socially interacting, we could see a very acute second wave very early,” said Birx.

Wednesday, county health officials said current trends show the number of cases of COVID-19 peaking in late April or early May.

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